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Apert Syndrome is a rare craniofacial syndrome that affects only 1 in 160,000 individuals. It occurs randomly in all countries, and crosses all racial, ethnic, religious, age, and socioeconomic boundaries. Apert Syndrome results when the DNA from mother and father combine, and a single error occurs during this process. The major symptoms of Apert Syndrome are fingers and toes which are fused together in single masses; plates in the skull that are fused together prematurely; and a variety of facial abnormalities. Other symptoms vary among individuals, and can impact virtually any critical areas such as breathing, heart, kidney, skeletal, neurological, and neuromuscular functions. Children born with Apert Syndrome typically endure dozens of surgeries during their first few years.

Apert children seem to be blessed with the strength and character to get through all they must endure, and are usually very happy despite their differences. Modern surgical techniques have been developed that dramatically restore the functionality taken away by Apert syndrome and can also provide for a more normal appearance and heightened self-esteem.

Our organization evolved from an Internet site developed by Don and Cathie Sears for their daughter, Elizabeth (Teeter), who has Apert Syndrome. Don and Cathie founded "Teeter's Page" in 1995 ( and it has developed into the largest family support organization for Apert Syndrome in the world. The 300 families currently affiliated with Teeter's Page represent every continent.  We encourage you to visit Teeter's Page, to see firsthand the people your generous contribution can help.
The formation of Apert International, Inc., was a natural growth development of this support group. Many of the families affected by Apert have financial resources that are not adequate considering the numerous surgeries required. Often one parent may have to abandon a career in order to care for their Apert child, at a time when insurance deductibles and co-payments are mounting. Other families are not lucky enough to have the needed health insurance and must make other arrangements for surgeries and other care.
Our goals at Apert International are to provide education and information to the general public about Apert Syndrome, and to provide direct financial and emotional assistance, based on need, to families affected by Apert Syndrome. Unlike some larger charities that spend large amounts of money for fundraising and administrative costs, we have taken a grassroots approach and intend to remain that way. Our financial goal is to use 98% or more of all monies received for direct assistance to families. All of our administrative and fundraising efforts are provided by caring individuals on a volunteer basis.

We are very proud of our kids and our adults who have Apert Syndrome. They consistently show perseverance and strength of character. They endure painful skeletal problems and complex surgical procedures with smiles. I hope you can help us help them.  Thank you!


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